My life as a blogging librarian

I worked as a librarian in a public library before I was assigned as librarian of the Museum of natural Sciences in Brussels, back in 1998. In 2005 I started this personal blog ‘Bibliothecaris in Blog‘ (Dutch for: ‘librarian in blog’) and in 2008 I celebrated my first decade working in a museum library. Time sure flies, even for us librarians.

My blog title was ambiguous and archaic by purpose. My first ambition was to write how a librarian was struggling to survive in the new world, dominated by google and internet. Are librarians able to jump on the web 2.0 train, without losing the dignity and traditional skills of their profession? How to unite best of both worlds: control and predictability versus facilitation in the new web 2.0 workspace. Due to a lack of time I diminished my high ambitions and started a more lighthearted web log. Personal topics tagged ‘nostalgic librarian’ or ‘librarian on the run’ are combined with more institutional and work related topics about digitisation projects, cultural heritage and museum. Reality learns that literature and books are dominating my cloud tag. It’s not easy to maintain the right balance between personal interests and work related topics. Critical views about the inertia of the Belgian library sector are not done, not even in an ironical way.

The advantages for library staff to keep blogging are undeniable despite the arguments of ‘the annoyed librarian’ in her sarcastic A Librarian’s Anti-2.0 Manifesto. Blogging is a flexible, easy way to communicate with library users and colleagues about the integration of innovative library 2.0 features. the goal is constructing a central catalogue with a fully accessible library’s collection, a virtual place where one can not only search for books and articles, but also interact with a social community, the librarians, and share knowledge – and why not – wisdom. Librarians in blog have the mission to keep the flame of this innovative revolution burning.

Extract from an article I wrote as guest author for Libworld, published in LibWorld - library blogs worldwide by Christian Hauschke, Infobib, 2008.

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